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You only get one brain.
Let's make it work better.


Our mission at Brainwaves is to help all people experience the life benefits of a well-balanced, optimized brain through LENS. 


Regardless of personal or financial circumstances, Brainwaves works to make LENS available to all.

What is LENS?

What is LENS?

The LENS, or Low Energy Neurofeedback System, is a unique and effective form of neurofeedback that facilitates changes in people of all ages with a wide variety of issues.


Neurofeedback is a process that helps the brain reorganize itself. After reorganizing, the brain regulates itself better, becomes more flexible, and can perform optimally.  With better flexibility comes better performance in many areas including focus, learning, memory, sleep, and mood.


Our Brainwaves team has helped clients achieve remarkable progress and personal growth through the LENS, from alleviating feelings of anxiety and depression to personal and family harmony.

Who can benefit from LENS?

Who can benefit from LENS?

LENS is appropriate for people of all ages and can reduce symptoms often associated with anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, autism, explosiveness, impulsiveness, migraines, seizures, and sleep issues, to name a few. LENS can also help people who have experienced TBIs (traumatic brain injuries), other brain trauma such as concussions and strokes, emotional trauma, birth trauma, and people with degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease and dementia.  LENS can also help athletes and professionals who want to work on peak performance, improving mental clarity and focus.


The Brainwaves team will create a specialized LENS plan based on your specific needs and personal experience. We can adjust the LENS parameters to ensure you experience optimal benefit from your LENS sessions.



The initial intake appointment is included with a paid LENS session.

Individual LENS sessions: $100 per session



Five-sessions package: $450.00

Ten-sessions package*: $800.00

*Can be used by 1 client or shared among 2 family members



—  J.T., Age 28, Nashville, TN

"I was pretty skeptical of LENS when I began. I had tried almost everything, and nothing seemed to take away my anxiety. I really didn't want to be on medication.


I am 5 sessions in, and there's no denying that after each session I have a few days of complete relief from my severe anxiety, and that overall my mental health has seen improvement. I have been more motivated and focused on my wellness than ever before, and have been more forgiving to myself since starting this therapy. 

I am excited to keep going and am very confident that persistence in LENS will bring lasting results."


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